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what is the sports earphoen?

Publish:2018/11/23 Company News View:110

The sports earphone has its own character .the sound quality should not be bad and what’s more important is the design of the appearance. The sports phone should has these basic characters: 1 safety 2. Comfortably 3 the basic waterproof ability 4, the fastness …


The safety

Though most of people prefer to listen to music by earphone, we have to admit that the long time music listening by earphone can cause harm to our hearing …when running outdoors, the outside noisy should be stopped but not all sound, in case of the happening of accidents …thus why all the sports earphone are not tend to do it in full ear type but to make it into head ear plug combined with the semi ear type.

The comfort

Keeping comfort is very important, after all, headphone that are too bulky can easily become a drag. So sports headphone are generally light weight and easy to wear …


Water proof

In summer, people are easily to get sweat, even you exercise at summer night .and

sweat will easily to flow into ears ,which can affect the life expectancy for headphone .Therefore, sports earphone should achieve these basic functions like anti-sweat and waterproof …



If the wearing are not so tight, the earphone will be easily fall off, which will make exercise an unpleasant process. So most sports earphones are designed with hanging ears, which can ensure that the earphone will not fall off during intense sports




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