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The advantage of the wireless earphone

Publish:2019/06/15 Company News View:152

Bluetooth headsets are not unfamiliar to many people, whether you have used them or not, at least have heard of it? There are three types of Bluetooth headsets on the market: Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth headsets and sports. Bluetooth earphone. The little thing that hangs on the ear is the communication Bluetooth headset, which is mainly used for making calls; the music Bluetooth headset is mostly head-mounted, while the sports Bluetooth headset is mostly ear-hook, moisture-proof and sweat-proof, suitable for Use when running and exercising. These Bluetooth headsets are also very common in our lives.

Some friends who haven’t used it before and don’t know much about Bluetooth headset think it’s superfluous. I think this view is somewhat biased; we don’t rule out some of the unscrupulous vendors’ knockoffs and the shortcomings of these headsets, but compete In such a fierce headset market, those who do not have to worry about products have already closed down; therefore, the Bluetooth headset industry is still in a relatively benign development stage.

1. Reduce cell phone radiation:

As a worker in the audio industry, the author is also a user who has used Bluetooth headsets for many years; with the communication Bluetooth headset, there are many benefits that it can bring to me. We all know that mobile phones are radiation. This kind of radiation is certainly not a good thing for the brain. We don’t study how many brain cells it can kill. Just holding a mobile phone for 10 minutes is enough to make your arm sore. The ears are also very uncomfortable; I believe that everyone has had this feeling. The Bluetooth headset solves this problem very well. It can keep my brain away from the phone, and I don’t have to call it with my mobile phone. The waist is not sore, and it also reduces the risk of the phone falling.

Bluetooth headset can effectively reduce radiation

2. Guarantee personal safety:

We have said in the opening paragraph that with the introduction of the new traffic law, the mobile phone will be recorded with 2 points of penalty when driving; in fact, the deduction is not the main purpose of the relevant department, it is to remind the driver to drive safely; and the Bluetooth headset is in the new traffic. After the law was introduced, it became very hot. Most people who bought it were car owners. The author’s personal experience is that after using the Bluetooth headset, I don’t have to hold the steering wheel to make a call when I drive, the attention will be more concentrated, and the car is naturally more stable; of course, I don’t have to worry about being deducted.

Convenient to make calls, you can drive safer

3. Release your hands:

In addition to driving, I often wear Bluetooth headsets in my usual life and work. In fact, the current Bluetooth headset has done a good job in terms of comfort. The soft silicone earplugs make my ears no longer painful; because I am at home. I am used to throwing my mobile phone everywhere, so when I go to the bathroom, do housework, play computer and occasionally cook, I wear a Bluetooth headset because it can release my hands without missing any phone (especially my wife). Phone, you know). In my daily work, I sometimes wear a Bluetooth headset, because I can make a call while doing the work on my hands, and I will not delay.


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