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One of Top 100 Manufacturers for Bluetooth Speaker in China

WYN-WORLD was established in 2008, and it has been specialized in manufacturing bluetooth speakers and bluetooth gadgets since 2010, our factory is located in Jinhong Industrial Pack, Xi Xiang, Jiuwei, Bao’an District, China.There are World-Class standardization production lines in our factory, strong R&D team for innovative bluetooth speakers.
We are expanding partners to create business relation in the long run, welcome to cooperate with us.

We Design

​Our creative team helps you brainstorm, design and prototype. We bring your vision to reality. We draw and create a 3-D model of your design. Once you are satisfied with the mockup, we create a full-working model of your idea.


We Source

We provide manufacture sourcing and quality control services. Factories are being evaluated base on their abilities supplying the right product and their commitment to quality, compliance and time.

We Produce

We do large scale production with quality assurance and verification beforehand. Having our own factory, we provide you a risk free route and associated cost savings this brings. Products can be supplied bulk-packed or packaged ready to ship to the end user.



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