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10W New Smart Voice Recognition Best outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Publish:2018/03/19 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker View:721

Item No.: WYN-M99 Plus
Bluetooth Frequency: 2.402GHz-2.480GHz
Bluetooth Version: JL3.0
Transmission Distance: <=10m
Frequency Response: 40Hz-10KHz
SNR >=80DB
Distortion Rate: <=1%
Transmission Distance: 10M
Built-in Battery: Lithium Polymer 2000mAh
Detail Datasheet

Video for the Bluetooth Speaker:

Parameter for the smart audio wireless bluetooth speaker:

Bluetooth Frequency: 2.402GHz-2.480GHz
Bluetooth Version: JL3.0
Transmission Distance: <=10m
Power Consumption: High pitch 2*5W, Low pitch 2*20W
Frequency Response: 40Hx-10KHz
SNR: >=80DB
Distortion Rate: <=10%
Audio Input: Support MP3,WAV
Charge Current: 1000MA
The Maxmium Time: 3.5 hours
External Battery: 1.5A, 18V
Built-in Battery: Lithium Polymer 2000mAh
The voltage of buit-in battery: 14.1V
Loudspeaker: High Pitch 40*2, Low Pitch 75*2
Impedance: 4R


Picture for the Smart Audio Wireless Speaker:

Function Introduction and Example for smart audio:

Field Definition Example
Music Playing Music Calling Coming Music
Playing Specified Singer’s Music I need listen Carpenters’ music
Playing Specified Music I need listen “Scarborough Fair”
Playing Specified Singer’s Specified Music I need listen Carpenters’ “Yesterday Once More”
Playing Specified Music List(Special/Style/Scene) I need listen Rock Music
Music Collection Collect this music
News I want to listen Headline News I need listen News
I want to listen # Categories # News I need listen Science and Technology News
FM Radio I want to listen FM # TV Name # I need listen FM91.8
Audio I want to listen Program + Program Name I need listen Mike’s Channel
Speaker Control Voice +/- Turn Up Voice
Stop/Play Stop Playing Music
The previous/the Next music The previous music
Weather Forecast Check Current Weather State How about for current weather in London ?
Check PM2.5 What is PM2.5 today in London ?
Check Air Temperature What is air temperature in London today ?
Check if would have rain or snow Will it be rain in London tomorrow ?
Arithmetic Integer Addition What is 3 plus 2 ?
Integer Subtraction What is 30 substract 2 ?
Integer Multiplication What is 3 mutiply 2 ?
Integer Division What is 4 divided 2 ?
Furniture Control Curtain: Open Open Curtain
Curtain: Close Close Curtain
Curtain: Stop Stop Curtain
Curtain: Set Position Set Curtain to 20%
Fan: Turn On Turn On Fan
Fan: Turn Down Turn Down Fan
Fan Swing State: Static Fan can be set as static state
Fan Swing State: Swing State Fan can be set as Swing State
Fan Working Mode Fan can be set as Mute Mode
Air Conditioner: Open Open Air conditioner
Air Conditioner: Close Close Air conditioner
Air Conditioner Mode Air Conditioner can be set as Dehumidification mode
Air Conditioner: Turn up temperature Turn On temperature
Air Conditioner: Turn Down temperature Turn Down temperature
Air Conditioner: Turn up N degree temperature Turn up 1° temperature
Air Conditiner: Turn Dow N degree temperature Turn down 2° temperature
Air Conditioner: Set Temperature Set temperature to 23°
Air Conditioner: The Max Temperature Turn up temperature to the maximum
Air Conditioner: The least Temperature Turn down temperature to the least
Air Conditioner: Ask current temperature What is Current temperature now ?
Air Conditioner: Wind Speed Model Turn up the wind speed
Air Cleaner: Open Open air cleaner
Air Cleaner: Close Close Aire Cleaner
Air Cleaner: working mode Set Air Cleaner as Mute Mode
Air Cleaner: Winder Speaker Mode Turn up air cleaner
Air Cleaner: Check PM2.5 What is current PM2.5 in home ?
Sweep Machine: Open Open Sweep Machine
Sweep Machine: Close Close Sweep Machine
Sweep Machine: Working Mode Sweep machine go back to be charged
Sweep Machine: Direction Sweep machine turn left
Electric Water Heater: Open Open water heater
Electric Water Heater: Close Close water heater
Electric water heater: Set temperature Turn up temperature of water heater to 60°
Electric water heater: Current Temperature What is currentr temperater of electric water heater ?
Humidifier: Open Open Humidifier
Humidifier: Close Close Humidifier
Humidifier: Mode Switch humidifer to middle mode
Lamp: Turn on Turn on Lamp
Lamp: Turn off Turn off lamp
Lamp: Working Mode Turn lamp to reading mode
Lamp: Turn up brightness Turn up brightness
Lamp: Turn down brightness Turn down brightness
Air Box: Current Air condition What is humidity in home ?
Socket: Open Open Socket
Socket: Close Close Socket
Reminder New Key Reminding (Single Round) Please remind me to have dinner after 5 minutes ?
New Key Reminding (Multiple Rounds) Please remind me to have dinner
Check Reminding Check reminding of Today
Delete Reminding Delete the last reminding
Market I need buy # product name # I need buy milk
Air Ticket I need buy ** ticket I need buy air ticket
Charge money to mobile phone Please charge money to my phone”**” I need charge money to my phone “13412341234”
I need charge phone money I need charge phone money
I need charge”**” money I need charge “20RMB”
I need charge phone”**””**” money I need charge “13412341234” “50RMB”
Checking Electric Fee Check Electric Fee Check my electric fee in this month
Baidu Search Search BaiKe Please introduce Jack Ma
Clock and Calendar Check time What is it time now ?
What is calendar today ? What is Calendar today ?
What is Day of Week today? What is Day of Week today ?
What time is Dragon Festival ? What time is Dragon Festival ?
Joke speak Joke Speak Joke
Alarm Clock Create Alarm Clock Create an alarm clock
Creat # Time # Alarm Clock Create a clock for 9:00 in the next day morning
Check Alarm Clock Check alarm clock
Close Alarm Clock Close the last alarm clock
Delete Alarm Clock Delete the last clock
GPS Navigation Please Guide me to “**” Please guide me to railway station of ShenZhen
Calling Call to specified phone number Please call to 10086
Call to specified contact person Please call to Jack Ma
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