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10W New Style Double Loudspeakers Round Bluetooth Speaker with Laser Light

Publish:2018/03/23 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker View:1024

Item No.: M8 Plus
Power: 2*5W double speakers
Bluetooth Version: JL3.0
Transmission Distance: <=10m
Size: 158*158*140mm
SNR >=80DB
Distortion Rate: <=1%
Frenquency Response: 40Hx-10KHz
Built-in Battery: Lithium Polymer 3000mAh
Detail Datasheet

Video for the Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

Parameter for this Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

Item No.: WYN-M8 Plus
Power: 2*5W double Speakers
Transmission Distance: <=10m
Power Consumption: High pitch 2*5W, Low pitch 2*20W
Frequency Response: 40Hx-10KHz
SNR: >=80DB
Distortion Rate: <=1%
Audio Input: Support MP3,WAV
Charge Current: 1000MA
The Maxmium Time: 3.5 hours
External Battery: 1.5A, 18V
Lithium Battery: 2pcs 18650 3000mAh
Size: 158*158*140mm
Loudspeaker: High Pitch 40*2, Low Pitch 75*2
Impedance: 4R

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