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Does it worth to buy a Bluetooth Speaker ?

Publish:2018/05/22 Company News View:271

With the development of wireless technology, people get more choices to listen music. From wire to Bluetooth and then Wi-Fi .the wireless products become the best choice for people when they stay at home or go out .the requirement of wireless products for consumers is also improved.
But some users think that Bluetooth speaker is an awkward product. This era is a mobile generation, people use their mobile phones to listen music when they are going out, and one headphone is enough .those who pursue sound quality also found that the sound of Bluetooth speaker is not that good, which is not as good as traditional desktop speakers.

Therefore, is Bluetooth speaker practical for all consumers? What its function characters and advantages? Let us talk about it together to analyze that whether the Bluetooth speaker is worth to buy.
1. Mature Technology and Environment-Friendly (low radiation)
Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that enables short-range date exchange between fixed devices, mobile devices, and building personal domain networks. Meanwhile, the output power of the Bluetooth is only one mill-watt, and the radiation value is only a few dozen of the mobile phone. This wireless transmission mode can be used in medical field.
2. the Improvement of sound quality of mobile phone and tablet
Now people use mobile phone every day for a long time, especially at home .but the phone sound quality is very poor and demanding .while the Bluetooth speaker could solve these two problems very well.Bluetooth wireless connection: you can have a very casual placement and it get free from place restrictions with better sound quality. Battery life is also its strength (at least more than 8 hours), it can continue work even if the phone is out of power.
3. Convenient compatibility and one machine can connect multiple devices
From wireless carrier mode, Bluetooth is the only way of wireless connection without transmitter. On a short distance wireless application, Bluetooth also has many advantages .phone/tablet can connect many devices by Bluetooth. and after the first pair connection , we do not need to pair it again .
4. Free from wired speakers
Bluetooth 4.0 and above have the lower power consumption and more stable signal transmission ,the effective transmission distance is 100 meters .the more complicated the environment is ,the shorter the distance will be .therefore both outdoor or indoor environment you can easily get away from attachment and let your listening be free.
5.Hands-free call
Most present Bluetooth speaker support call function. Its advantage is to release your hands you can have easy receive calls or video communications which can prevent cell phone radiation affects, meeting and business occasions can also be used.
6. Sports parties and outdoor games
For friends who love outdoor activities ,if you can have music you will naturally make sports and games more playful and enjoyable .while an outdoor portable Bluetooth speaker can meet music requirements for party dinners ,mountain biking ,camping and picnics.
This kind of speaker mostly adopt full sealed design, with dust/waterproof /hockey functions, even in relative harsh outdoor environment can also be used normally .some speaker even have the functions of charging.
7. Early children education
Today’s mobile APP can said to be overwhelming ,and there are also many learning APPs.the bluetooth speaker ,as a the external multi-functions speaker of mobile phone also has more uses .first it can be used as early children education products such as nursery rhymes ,poems and fairy tales .otherwise ,the resistance of the bluetooth speakers is far better than phone ,even if children hold it in hand ,you will do not worry about being broken.
8 .decorate home environment

Today’s Bluetooth speaker are very stylish. More and more friends buy Bluetooth speakers, not just for music listening, but also as an ornament to adorn home .you can put it on the bed, the table, and other places .you can listen to it whenever you need .in addition, you can also make it a small gift to your friends or relatives, which is also pleasing.

In fact, everyone has different views on product, and whether it worth buying or not, I believe you have the answer in your heart.


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