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Wireless Charger

Publish:2018/12/29 Company News View:380

Wireless Charger


Wireless charger which means the charger connected to the terminal equipment that needs charging without the traditional charging power cable.It uses the latest wireless charging technology to transmit electric energy by using the alternating magnetic field between the coils,inductively coupled technology will be a bridge between charging base station and equipment.The wireless charger have more than 20 patents in 2007.


Advantages of the wireless charger:


1.Reduce the Cable Line Loss

It can prolong the data line life when you use wireless charger frequenetly.You don’t need insert and plug your cablefrequently.It also can reduce the wear between the lightning cable and the interface.

2.Convient when you need charge

You don’t need find data line everywhere when you need charging in hurry time.Besides your friends can charge your phone direclty when their phone out of the battery.They don’t need ask you the data line.


3.Improve the safety

The wireless charger can improve the safe when you charging in cafe or restaurant.The hacker will attack the cable.Then your phone will attacked by the cablel.So it can be more safe when you use the wireless charger.Besides,most of people often use the phone when your phone are charging.It will attack by the electric accidently.So the wirless charger can improve the safety.



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