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Wifi-speaker is better ,why you still choose a bluetooth speaker ?

Publish:2018/09/07 Company News View:437

When compared the differences between the wifi speaker and the bluetooth speaker ,you might have the questions .why users prefer the Bluetooth speaker than wifi speaker at the bases of many advantages on wifi speakers .
1. It is simple-operation

I have experienced many wifi speakers before ,and I can always feel that the connection of wifi speaker is always complicated than Bluetooth speaker .which is not that easy for most of the users .especially the first connection will bring a lot of unconvenience for the users .. Thus compared with the speakers ,Bluetooth speaker is more popular for the users.


2. The price is much different
In addition to the differences in technology and operation ,Bluetooth speaker still has more advantage in price than wifi speaker ,and the price will definitely affect consumers’purchase behacior ,which maybe the main reason why Bluetooth speaker is still popular among consumers at present . in order to reflect the price advantage of Bluetooth speaker more intuitively ,we also searched the key words ‘bluetooth speaker and wifi speaker in the jingdong ,from this search we can see it very clearly that there are a lot of price advantage for bluetooth speaker .

At present ,the bluetooth speaker is obviously more available than the wifi speaker .and the advantage of rhe Bluetooth speaker is more obvious at a lower price ,while the price often dominates the consumers’purchase behavior ,which is also one of the reasons why the Bluetooth speaker is more popular among consumers.

3. Influence of user habbits
Although the price is the direct factors for users to buy a speaker, but it will also affect consumer choice in different degree, for the speaker , consumer has get used to this simple direct way to connect Bluetooth speakers.
The advantage of wifi speaker is not that obvious on internet , and the users are more like to use familiar supplication to listen to their favorite music. But the audio resources in customed APP could not meet the individualized demand of customers ,and even break the users habits
4. conclusion
By compating these two types of speakers ,it is not hard to find that the wifi speaker has more advantage in function than the Bluetooth speaker ,and it is also the development direction of the the future speaker .it can play mucis as an independent sound source and it also has a lot of advantage on sound resources and the sound quality .at the present stage ,Bluetooth spealker is still popular among consumers with its advantages of simple operation ,low price and abundant choices .in face ,you don’t have to worry about which kinds of speakers to choose ,because many manufactures have launched wireless speakers that integrate both wifi and Bluetooth connection ,which can better meet your diversified broadcasting needs.


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