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why TWS bluetooth earphone so popular

Publish:2019/06/21 Company News View:239

since apple canceled the 3.5mm earphone jack ,the wireless blueooth insdustry has grown rapidly .all kinds of different type bluetooth earphones emerge in endless ,especially one TWS wireless earphone is causing confusion among sonsumers .for this queation ,the research and design team will give us a science explain : what is tws bluetooth earphone ?

when it talks about tws bluetooth earphone ,we need to start with the TWS technology ,TWS is th e abbreviation of true wireless steteo ,the achievement of this technology based on the development of chipset.

why TWS bluetooth speaker are so popular in recently ? compared with the common bluetooth earphone ,follows are the advantage of it

1. true wireless earphone ,which mekes exercising more easy ,get ride of the wired earphone bothering

2.TWS earphone can be used in many ways ,it can be used alon or to be shared with others ,which can be regards as two machines

Because of the wireless structure ,no need cable to connect . the left and right earphone formed the stereo system trought the bluetooth . the music listening communication and wearing felling are improved a lot ..

thus this earphone becomes so popular when it comes out . like the apple Tws earphone ,Since listing on the market, it has been selling very well,and the production has repeatedly beeen in short supply . but many tws bluetooth earphones are in high price of the basic cost ,the selling price are also high .

though this tws has some disadvantage ,but we all can see that the convenience it brings us ,we believe in its potential in future market.for the factory ,if they want to share part of the market ,only by constantly strenthening the performance the earphone ,perfacting its quality ,Beautify product appearance design, reduce product price, then t more users will can accept it .


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