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Why JIO is so popular in Indian

Publish:2019/01/12 Company News View:300


In India, the most popular mobile Phone brand is called Jio Phone.

It can be seen that the people of the third world are really honest and lovely, even the name of the product is so unadorned, close to the public. This Jio Phone, how the fire? Say much, it start from 0, up to now in India more than 30% market share, it only took less than half a year! At present, this brand is no.1 in the Indian market.

Wait a minute! Could someone found: not to say that the Indian market, millet has the highest share now? Oh, yes, millet was the first, the smartphone market and Jio Phone, is a function of machine! That’s strange. In 8102, India is so backward, even can’t afford to use smartphone, can only use function machine? Where the Jio Phone is sacred, why can almost overnight across India? So we need to start from one person to start. He changed India. He is India’s richest man, mukesh ambani.

In 2016, launched a network operator mukesh ambani company: Reliance Jio, provide mobile phone 4 g service, and announced in September 5: free for four months! Rich is willful ah… ) by the end of 16 years, mukesh ambani was announced continue to extend the period of free services, continued until March 31, 2017. Is this only a few months, Reliance Jio user soared, quickly broke through one hundred million people!

After the free period, Reliance horribly Jio fee is low: RMB 9.9 per month, old users unlimited; New users 28 yuan per month, 28G of traffic. Contrast, domestic mobile, unicom and telecom

Jio Phone。

Reliance Jio officially launched its Jio Phone in the fourth quarter of last year. What’s the market price of this phone?—157RMB

You still think it’s expensive at 157 yuan? OK, free! And domestic operators customized machine, the phone can get free, $157 will be returned back in later. You might say: a functional machine, 157 yuan, also nothing important! However this is not an ordinary function machine.

In fact, aside from the fact that it can’t download apps and play king’s glory on its own, it’s pretty much the same as a smartphone: 4G Internet, video, twitter, Facebook, mobile payments, Google maps… These web services are entirely by Reliance Jio company provide, flow completely free. That’s right. Did you think of tencent’s king card? That’s what you learn.

Reliance Jio and Google also have very close cooperation, so many Google services that cannot be used in China can be used freely on Jio Phone. Mention the phone, we also need to know is very important, is the system of the phone: Kai OS.

Yes, while the Jio Phone is a feature Phone (it’s actually better to call it a semi-smartphone), it’s also powered by an operating system, which is neither Android nor iOS, but Kai OS. Kai OS is a very new system, it is by the HMD (i.e., nokia now runs) in 2016, the development of company.

After the completion of HMD development, it was first used in many functional phones of nokia, and was sold in Africa, the Middle East and other economically underdeveloped regions. The market response was very good. Statistics show that in 2017, nokia global handset sales more than 70 million units, of which about 10 million smartphones, the rest is carrying Kai OS of smartphones, including the nokia 3310 classic after engraving:

Given the context of the Jio Phone, we now know that it is the most sensible choice in underdeveloped India.


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