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Where are they from? Where are they going?—Smart Speaker

Publish:2018/08/08 Company News View:165

There are a very different character about Shenzhen, which is error-trial, exploration, pragmatism. they never let go any popularity ,always crowd into a new market ,try ,explore, even they need to pay a lot of costs,they still tried without abandon.
However, in most times, they just did that for life pressure .we could find that by survey, most of the people come from different jobs in production chain. Because of the last over-make, they have to find the new break through points to survive. Before the smart speaker, they maybe produce mobile phone, laptop, chips, or Bluetooth speaker and router, at the way of exploration, they started the smart speaker.
Smart speaker maybe will become someone’s life saving straw. Like these people who produce the laptop ,coping phone, because of the reducing of purchasing amount, thus the related dealer agency, foundry was affected a lot .they will inactively transform to smart speaker ,while this kind of people were also the most to transform .
Like Moore acoustic started with Bluetooth speaker, then come to the opportunity to produce the Wi-Fi speaker, the next is noise-canceling headphone. With the experience of front-end acoustics. Successfully transformed into the intelligent sound pollution provider.

Is there anyone truly like smart speaker? We just found that everyone is relatively rational .except Link-play choose smart speaker, other enterprise just choose to provide product solutions for voice interaction area. Moore acoustic mainly talk about the language-TV solution, smart speaker just a very small market for them. Yandi technology also explore the smart technology in the field of smart home。
Then is smart speaker a big bubble? I think this maybe a big question for most people. Nitang technology has ever said that, the internal smart speaker is at a very young age, the investor is cautious to give money. The internal brand and product of smart speaker is rare, not big enough to talk about the bubble. But the external smart speaker is strong, a lot of investor come in this money game. There are a very big market, so we could not think it a bubble.
There are some people think the internal smart speaker maybe fail, this market will become the internet giant’s market. Thus small brand will focus on the product-solution filed. After this smart speaker market, there are still many new product and new requires. And this word totally represent the spirit of seeking for the future of Shenzhen people.


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