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what shall we do when typhoon comes again ?

Publish:2018/09/21 Company News View:258

1. watch out for falling while walking
Do not move inside the danger area, get ready for emergency lights, close doors and Windows, and move the POTS on the balcony to a safe place.It’s better not to go out when the typhoon makes landfall.If you go out, be sure to stay away from the rusty air conditioning, so as not to hurt.
2. When driving, you should pay attention to water on the road and turn off
Drive carefully, slow down and slow down, don’t overtake or change lanes, don’t slam on the brakes or hit the steering wheel so that you don’t slip and hit the guardrails and increase your distance.Don’t forget to check the windscreen wiper, brake, light, steering, etc. before going to high speed.Check the bundling of the vehicle wipers.In typhoon weather, there will be a large area of water on the road, in the water of the road, must maintain low speed, to prevent water spillage on the engine caused to stall.
3.Pay attention to typhoon weather
When typhoon comes, atmospheric pressure is low, easy can let a person feel bosom is frowsty, giddy wait for unwell symptom, we call typhoon climate disease.In the case of typhoon climate disease, we should pay attention to rest, avoid strenuous exercise and keep calm. In addition, for patients with high blood pressure and coronary heart disease, some medicine can be used appropriately, or ma shan can go to the hospital for medical treatment.
4.Increase risk aversion awareness
Pay attention to the typhoon warning
The weather department will issue different warnings depending on how close the typhoon is.Once the public learned of the typhoon signal.Be sure to keep abreast of the latest developments of typhoons, so as to take precautions according to time and degree, such as reinforcing trees, rain shelters, and laying flower disks that are easily blown down outside.
5.Beware of mishaps
It is better to stay at home when the typhoon comes. When the wind is strong, close the door and close the Windows. Do not open the Windows on the windward side to prevent the strong air flow from entering and blowing the house down.If you are going out, you should choose a safe place to avoid wind and rain. You should pay attention to the dumping on both sides of the road, such as the surrounding trees and billboards. In the field, you should be mainly careful of the telecom poles, road collapse, and bend down when the wind is strong.Pay attention to falling objects when passing tall buildings.


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