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What points should we care when buying a bluetooth speaker ?

Publish:2018/06/15 Company News View:245

Since the appearance of smart phones, there has been Bluetooth transmission, and then it gradually developed into Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers and other Bluetooth products. But how to choose a Bluetooth speaker? The price of Bluetooth, the quality of the sound, they all have a certain standard, the following I will teach you how to choose a bluetooth speaker.
Features of bluetooth speaker
Popularity : bluetooth specifications are the same in different countries , the mobile phone, PDA, wireless headset, notebook computers, cars, medical equipment, computer peripherals, and many other devices, as long as you have a Bluetooth adapter, they all can be easily connected into Bluetooth devices to transfer the data or voice ,which is widely popular with good compatibility.
Easy operation :Bluetooth technology is an instant techjnology , it does not require a complicated infrastructure andit , which  makes it  very  easy to install and set up,  you can connect it whthout  cable . it is very convenient for user and you just need a simply matching before using
Fast transmission speed。Compared with infrared and other methods, bluetooth transmission has obvious advantages in speed. Bluetooth 4.0 has a maximum speed of 24Mbps,The Faster speed could guarantees a better quality,which makes it  has enough capacity to carry more music with higher code rate.
The transmission distance of Bluetooth is generally within 10 meters, It is exactly a size of a room. The data can be transmitted through the partition wall , thus Bluetooth speaker is Very suitable for home environment.
The biggest selling point of bluetooth speakers is wireless music playback,The bluetooth version is related to the quality of the bluetooth speaker,The version of bluetooth speaker is more latest, its transfer distance is more long, its power consumption is more less, its compatibility is more better . The current version of the bluetooth speaker comes from the earliest version of 1.1,then it becomes 2.0, 2.1,3.0 4.0.
The power of speaker : this involves the power of the speaker amplifier and the power of the speaker. In the same condition, the higher the power is , the better the sound will be ;Of course, it also depends on the speaker’s endurance,For example ,there are some small speakers, if the power is too high,If the power is too high, then it will be “dishonest” and like to beat ,which is so called the speaker could dance. So many manufactures like to Stick a silicone pad or something under the small speaker, it not only increase the beauty of it but also increase the stability.
Speaker :when it comes to speaker ,everything is more complicated. No matter the internal magnetic horn, the external magnetic horn, or other loudspeakers, paper basin, the structure, the power and impedance of the loudspeakers,people rarely understand these things . especially these non-professional people ,they don’t request much about the sound quality
the quality of the speakers,Is there anynoise, is it easy to break, is it distorted, does it sound uncomfortable. You need to try different songs when listening , the download songs should also be the original sounds .Now lots of music files are processed online, which is different from the original music, and the music volume need to be decreased when hearing.

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