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what is the TWS earphone ?

Publish:2019/07/13 Company News View:405

First of all, do a basic knowledge of TWS headsets.

1. The left and right earphones of the TWS headset are separate Bluetooth headsets. In theory, they can be used as a stand-alone Bluetooth headset.

2. The working principle of TWS, the main technology at this stage is a headset as the main earphone to connect the mobile phone, and one earphone as the secondary earphone to connect the main earphone, so the main earphone is very important, it is both receiving and transmitting, so the main earphone is relatively power-consuming. The usage time we said is basically based on the usage time of the main headphones.

3. Because TWS is based on wireless technology, there will be interference between wireless signals, such as WiFi, broadcast, and other Bluetooth signals, which will interfere with the Bluetooth of the headset, especially the TWS connection between the two headphones, its signal Because of the safety and power saving requirements, it will be weaker than the connection signal between the main earphone and the mobile phone. Therefore, there is a disturbing environment, and the signal between the two earphones may have intermittent problems. We have found several environments, This kind of problem is more, under the traffic lights (broadcast signal), elevator (signal reverberation), under the high-voltage tower and high-speed rail station (high-voltage electric field interference), microwave oven (electromagnetic wave), very close to the WiFi router (sometimes the headphones are interfered Intermittent, sometimes the router is disturbed by the network speed drop), blocked by the human body and the wall (the human body will easily absorb the Bluetooth signal, the wall will block the Bluetooth signal).

4. Continue the third point, because Bluetooth technology is an adaptation technology that jumps between 2.402GHz and 2.480GHz frequencies, and it is easy to jump to the frequency where exactly other devices are occupying this frequency band. In the case of headphones will be disconnected, this problem Apple airpods also have. I


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