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What Is the Smart Bracelet

Publish:2018/06/28 Company News View:395

The definition of the smart bracelet is very simple: it is a wearable smart device that is presented to people in the form of a watch. It is easy to carry and is commonly known as a bracelet. People can bring smart bracelets to record real-time data such as exercise, sleep, and some diets in daily life. These data can be synchronized with mobile phones, tablets, and ipod touch to help guide healthy living through data.

The smart bracelets have different functions on the market。Mostly they are apply in tracking health data. For example, counting step , mileage, calorie consumption, and sleep quality .They also provide some reasonable diet, exercise, or sleep suggestions for users .Mostly,smart bracelets are not tested through secondary medical equipment or they do not have a secondary medical device license,nowdays. They should be called electronic products because they haven’t medical device license. Besides the health index are just a reference example and cannot be used for medical diagnosis.Therefore, the smart bracelets are also called non-medical electronic products.


Smart bracelet can be said to be a high-end pedometer, with the common pedometer’s counting the step , measuringthe distance, calories, fat and other functions; So the pedometer is the core selling point of smart bracelet.It is based on three-axis acceleration sensors to tracking the number of steps.It will record the number of steps and the completion rate every day.And it can record and analyse the exercise trending to understand and analyze the user’s health habits in a period of time.The smart bracelet calculates calories by calculating the number of steps and the calorie consumption by measuring some principle.Besides it also including the number of steps of our normal walking, jogging, running and other sports.

The smart bracelet can monitor the quality of sleep. They are including sleep time, wake up time, light sleep time, wake up times and deep sleep time. This is another promotional point for many bracelets. Some smart wristbands can help you knowing and improving your sleeping condition by monitoring and drawing the quality of sleep trendency. It can be said that sleep quality calculated just a reference by body motion. Some wristbands need to be switch from motion to sleep (or switch back) by themselves.And that’s very easy.

3. Heart rate.
Currently,the photoelectric transmission measurement was applied in measuring heart rate,blood oxygen and blood pressure. In principle,a sensor which is between the smart bracelets and your skin. It can emit a beam of light on your skin,which can measure the reflected/transmitted light. Because the blood can absorb the specific of light wavelength. The wavelength can be absorbed by the blood when the heart pumps the blood. So that the heartbeat can be determined. But it can be disturbed by the ambient lights and the power consumption is too fast. Another method is to test the ECG signal. The sensor can determine the heart rate by measuring the electrical signal of myocardial contraction. The principle was similar with electrocardiography. This is relatively accurate than the former.



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