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what is car wireless BT earphone ?

Publish:2019/07/27 Company News View:146

The car wireless Bluetooth headset is also a kind of wireless Bluetooth headset. The Bluetooth technology in the car Bluetooth system is continued from the Bluetooth technology of the mobile phone and has the same transmission system.

Like other Bluetooth technologies, Bluetooth is also an extension of wireless Bluetooth technology. It is an in-car wireless hands-free system designed and developed specifically for automobiles based on wireless Bluetooth technology. Its main function is to open the Bluetooth technology and connect with the mobile phone. During normal driving, you can make hands-free calls, ensure that the incoming calls are not leaking, and can free your hands, so that your hands are dedicated to driving the steering wheel, thus reducing the safety hazard.


The car Bluetooth system is designed for hands-free calling by the owner. It has the function of automatically recognizing the mobile phone. It can be connected to the mobile phone without cables or telephone brackets. The owner can keep the mobile phone, even the hands on the steering wheel. You can control your phone and use voice commands to control incoming calls or make calls. The user can make a call through the audio on the car.

Use car Bluetooth when driving to facilitate the driver to answer the phone without wearing headphones, and use the latest noise cancellation technology to reduce the interference of other sounds, showing a strong technical charm.


If the car Bluetooth technology and the sound of several cars are matched, when using the Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and the car’s audio, it is convenient for the owner to automatically switch the sound, mute and hang up when calling. The sound is automatically restored.


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