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Do you know what is wireless Bluetooth speaker ?

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Wireless Bluetooth speaker is the speaker device which is via Bluetooth connection to replace traditional wire connection, it is very convenient and easy to connect with mobile, iPad, laptop, and other Bluetooth devices, etc. Currently, the main Bluetooth speaker is portable wireless speaker, its appearance is small. Bluetooth speaker technology is increasingly paid attention and accepted by customers because of its convenient characteristics. Most of Bluetooth speakers are single track speakers, at the same time, many superior stereo Bluetooth speakers are emerging in market as well.

Bluetooth speaker is to adopt Bluetooth technology applying for traditional digital device and multimedia speaker, providing users to avoid trouble long wire when listening music at ease. With Bluetooth speaker entering into market, the development of smart terminal is widely paid attention by the users of mobile and tablet PC. Bluetooth technology is to realize wireless connection for speaker, various of famous brand companies have published all manner of Bluetooth speakers.

Introduction for wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth is a low cost with high capacity short-distance wireless communication standard. Bluetooth laptop is one of the application of Bluetooth wireless communication function. Here is a story for the name of “Bluetooth”: In 10th Century AD, there were many wars in Northern Europe, with a Denmark’s king’s struggle, the bloody war had been stopped, all the Countries started to negotiate, after negotiation, the emperors pardoned each other and became friends. The Denmark’s teeth had been dyed into blue because he very liked to eat blue plum, then he was named as Bluetooth King, therefore, Bluetooth had become the pronoun of communication. After passing one thousand years, when wireless communication standard being published, the Bluetooth is as named for it.

Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson is the first company to present the “Bluetooth” concept. Bluetooth standard is worked by adopting microwave frequency band, transfer speed is 1Mb/s, the most transfer distance is 10m, it can reach 100m by increasing transmitting power. Bluetooth technology is a global public, it has a better compatibility spread the global, the world can connect together by low cost wireless Bluetooth net.

Bluetooth technology is not just used for computer, a lot of electric devices also can exploit Bluetooth wireless connection, such as mobile phone, digital camera, photography, printer, fax and home appliances, etc. With the popular development of Bluetooth technology, it doesn’t be worried to pave cables for electric devices when decorating home, doesn’t be feel headache for mass of controllers, just need a mobile phone or a car key to control everything. The working arrangement and families’ figures can be viewed at any time when going to business trip. No need line up to punch the clock and pay cost, just need approach within 10m. The widely application of wireless technology makes our life be more easy.


In 2012, Bluetooth smart phone and tablet PC had been rapid developing, its performance and screen have surprised customers, but the Bluetooth technology for speakers didn’t have good solution method at that time because of size limitation. Auditory sense is the most one of human’s sense, consumers have more and more requirement for this part. Bluetooth speaker is gradually popular, it won consumers’ favorite because of portable design, wireless transmitting and fashion appearance.

Comparing with other wireless speakers, Bluetooth speakers have below special characteristics:

1. Widely Applicable
Bluetooth technology standard is unified in global, electric devices can easily connect with Bluetooth equipment only if having Bluetooth adaptor and easily to data transfer or sound communication, such as mobile phone, PDA, wireless earphone, laptop, car, medical equipment, etc. There are widely universal and good compatibility.

2. Easy to Manipulate

Bluetooth technology is forthwith technology, it doesn’t need fixed infrastructure, easy to install and set, it can easily connect without any cable, very convenient for utilization, just need complete to pair.

3. Fast Transfer Speed

Comparing with other infrared method, wireless transfer has obvious advantage, the theory speed can reach 24Mbps, more fast speed can make sure more higher voice quality, which makes it have more capacity to stand more higher music.

4. Moderate Transfer Distance

Bluetooth transfer distance is within 10m, which is just about a room, and it can transfer data by passing through wall, very suitable for use in room.

Although it has many advantages, Bluetooth transfer protocol is similar with other 2.4G devices, also share with this frequency band, which is difficult to avoid signal interference each other. Moreover, Bluetooth protocol is not a free technology, every manufacturers who exploit this technology should pay the organization some patent fee.

Nowadays, bluetooth wireless speaker is very popular in market, this technology has got many greatly breakthrough, new version bluetooth is still updated and every update would have some breakthought. Wireless bluetooth has provided more convenient for human’s activities, for example, you don’t have to hold a phone to answer calling when you are driving, just need press one button to wireless transfer via bluetooth.

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