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What is a smart AI speaker

Publish:2019/09/21 Company News View:129

What is a smart speaker? What are the functions of smart speakers? Today we will talk about this topic.

First, what is a smart speaker?
What is a smart speaker? Simply put, these products have more humanized controls and functions, and are not just as simple as a speaker, such as the network speaker that has recently become popular, which subverts the concept of traditional home speakers and can be wireless with your home. The network connection combines online music on demand, mobile phone control, multi-room control and other functions to bring users a new entertainment experience.

As for the function, first of all, this is definitely the sound. Second, it is intelligent and very different from ordinary ones. Like a chestnut, the previous mobile phone and smart phone, smart audio is also more suitable for young people, smart audio can usually be connected to wifi, touch screen, cloud sharing, compatible with a variety of music apps, can also be connected with smart home Get through and achieve integration control with smart home.

If you usually like to listen to books and listen to music online, you can choose a smart speaker with a built-in mass library for you. It will be a good choice. It will change the way we traditionally listen to songs, and interpret the new experience that smart speakers bring to you, making your music world more colorful.

Due to the short-term launch of domestic products, the product experience is not polished enough, and the intelligent voice assistant is still weak in intelligence, which has a certain impact on the user experience. At present, China is still in the early stage of smart speakers. In 2017, smart speakers began to be concentrated in the year. The market and users’ awareness is still relatively low. However, with the maturity of the market and the cultivation of users, I believe that it will be acquired later. Good development.



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