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what has the government done when typhoon pased the shenzhen?

Publish:2018/09/21 Company News View:174

It is reported that the shenzhen branch of China railway no. 2 bureau has set up 24 emergency response teams in the project departments of guangzhou, shenzhen, fuzhou and hainan, and started the emergency plan for flood prevention.On the one hand, the project departments of shenzhen metro line 4 and guangzhou nansha daguang organized 43 inspection teams, led by the main leaders to carry out the large-scale flood and flood control inspection on Taiwan, reinforce the activity boards and houses, level out the high bar equipment, and remove billboards and road signs.On the other hand, each project department actively organized 1869 orderly evacuation of migrant workers and management personnel to a safe place, and the residential office area was without water or electricity, leaving no one to be left.After the typhoon transit, shenzhen company guangdong, guangxi, hainan area projects immediately put into post-disaster recovery work.The guangfujiang expressway project department, located in the central area where the typhoon landed, immediately organized 78 employees of the project department to eliminate the potential safety hazards within 10 km, beam field, migrant workers’ living area and 2.7 km of Y002 township road in three groups.For the trees lying on the road, the branches, fences, iron sheets, iron pipes in the middle of the road, construction enclosing barbed wire fences, and large wads of garbage rolled by the wind shall be actively cleaned and the road signs blown down shall be straightened.At the same time, we cleaned all kinds of garbage in living area and girder field, and cleaned the indoor and outdoor ground of living area.The project department also takes a variety of measures to prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters, such as removing the danger sources that may fall due to damage, strengthening the distribution boxes, and strengthening the tension structure of the damaged panels and houses, etc., totaling more than 180 places.
As of 22:00 on September 18, the company has invested 29 emergency teams, 1,120 emergency personnel and a large amount of material and equipment in guangdong, fujian and hainan regions. No casualties or major property losses were found in the project department affected by typhoon.


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