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Typhoon Mangkhut

Publish:2018/09/21 Company News View:411

It reported that Typhoon Mangkhut attack the Philippines on 17th September.The storm causeed lots of people death.
And the Mangkhut the speed pf wind more than 200 miles per hours.It was thought the most stronggest typhoon this year.


It equals 5-level hurricane in Atlantic.The hurricane “Florence”attacked America North Carolina.Its speed about 150miles per hour.While the Typhoon Mangkhut more stongger than the hurricane. The Mangkhut landed in Northeast of Luzon island on 15th .Its speed more than 255 miles per hour.

The stonggest typhoon Mangkhut landded Guangdon

The Stronggest typhoon landded in 17:00 on 16th in Guangdon.The strongest wind and heavy rain cause many distance.The differ department arrange their resure forces to protect the people’s life and property.

The Meteorological and Ocean department have prepared to face it.

They have watch it when typhoon far away from thousand of miles in Pacific Ocean.They are improve the typhonn level by observe the typhoon strength and moving direction.They have to improve the level to IV because the stronggest typhon.


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