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Today’s HuaQiangBei

Publish:2019/08/24 Company News View:100

The crowded old Huaqiang North disappeared, but Xinhua Qiangbei failed to “stand up”.

From January 2017 to the present, in two and a half years, Xinhua Qiangbei, which has been rebuilt, still cannot escape the impact of e-commerce development and urban industrial transfer. This is the first Chinese electronics company with a width of 60 meters and a length of 900 meters. Street, only the street shops can see some prosperity in the past.

More deserted, it is the first floor of the pedestrian street connected to the subway. It is known as China’s longest subway commercial street, Huaqiang North Metro Commercial Street. It has invested 100 million yuan to build, and the first day of the opening of the city has 300,000 person-times, but it has been in progress for half a year. Closed, vacant to this day.

Obviously, this entrepreneurial resort that has gone out of Tencent, Kingdee, Dazu Laser, Hainengda and many other famous companies, has produced more than 50 billionaires and countless millionaires, is still experiencing the pain of transformation and upgrading.

The myth of the riches of the past is difficult to reproduce. Today, in front of Huaqiang North, there are countless beautiful visions and broken dreams.


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