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The Ways of Keep and Use Power Bank

Publish:2018/08/01 Company News View:157

 Battery Test
1. The green LED display the current power when you press the switch.
2. The green LED is lighting show the power bank lack of power when you press the button.
3. The green LED light didn’t display that shows the power bank should be need charged  or has some problems.
Battery Inspection
a. The power bank has two USB output interfaces, they can charge two different digital products at the same time. And the power bank out-put and in-put electricity about 1.5A
b. The power bank cable should insert the mobile device, and the cable USB port should be insert the OUT port of the power bank.
c. The phone will shows charging information when you press the button of mobile power to launch the output battery.
d. The power bank will stop charge when it’s full.
1. You’d better use the special socket when you charge the power bank. They don’t use the socket with TV, micro-wave and some household appliances, especially the low capacity socket.
2. The power bank can’t keep in the extreme cold or hot situation.
3. You need charge the power bank timely, which will prolong the power bank life.
4. You need put out your power and charge your power bank in the first time.
5. You need to charge or discharge the power completely every month. (Besides lithium battery)
6. Don’t use the low quality charger.
7. Please shut down the phone when it charged.
Most importantly, you need take care of the power bank when you use it.

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