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The tricks and play methods in Shenzhen

Publish:2018/08/01 Company News View:220

Shenzhen is an amazing place, she always stays in the front of the time, always chasing the newest things in this world, even there are a lot of mistakes and troubles, they still insist. It is common for Shenzhen people to do something in a confused manner. We can look it back ,when DVD is popular, people are all overloaded to do board card and shame .then it is the MP3/MP4 ,copying smart phone and very popular VR.
Shenzhen like a warrior in trade market, always try new things, always try every possibilities .while Shenzhen also has its own tricks and play methods.
Li Deshaun, an industry veteran has ever said, electron industry has its own life and rhythm. Every CES in January is the leading director of all country. Apple, Google, SONY, Samsung and other big company start to show their ideas. After the CES, it is the spring festival in china. People will get back to see theirs ideas after spring festival’s happy life, learning and studying the different product chains to get more money.
When comes out in March and April, foreign customers will see if the domestic industry can make some products that the giants are showing at CES. So, then investment will begin in April, May and June, next some products will be formed in June, and then the production will begin to produce in large amount at June, July, and August. Then September is the back-to-school season in the United States, a peak season for Americans, we’ll be testing the market for the first time to see what’s selling well.

And then there was the order repurchase, the mass production in September and October, followed by the Thanksgiving Day in November in the United States, which was the equivalent of the national “double eleven”, and we sold the goods and made a lot of money.
And then we’re at the end of a year, and in December we’re going to start preparing for CES to do a Demo, and then we’re going to welcome the New Year of CES. “That’s the pace of exports every year.” “Mr. Lee summed it up slightly jokingly.
As a foreign trade-oriented city, Shenzhen is the leading indicator of the trading tide. Li Deshaun’s words also reveal the playing method of Shenzhen enterprises in some extent. If the players started to enter the field of smart speakers, then the January 2017 CES exploded the smart speaker’s industry chain in Shenzhen.
The trend towards smart speakers is escalating. But the drive is largely driven by exports, with products and profits growing. However, the domestic manufacturers of smart speakers are relatively poor. As mentioned above, Zhou sheng said, at the beginning, many OEM factories dare not accept orders, and many enterprises looking for them are also hesitating and waiting.
A field survey of huaqiangbei, the consumer electronics center in shenzhen, found that huaqiangbei’s consumer electronics stores were filled with a variety of local brand speakers and Shanzhan speakers, all of which were Bluetooth speakers. No Wi-Fi speakers were found, or even smart speakers. Most of the Bluetooth speakers here are between a Dozens to a hundred or two hundred.


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