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 The six main factors to identify the speaker sound quality

Publish:2018/06/01 Company News View:268

The quality of sound is subjective and abstract .the higher reduction degree is ,the batter sound quality is .generally speaking, the more closer to the real music instrument ,music sound ,music feeling ,the better you can tell the speakers is .
There are a lot of factors that influence the sound quality such as Audio (sound source), the quality of low bite rate compared with MP3 music files and music CDs, in terms of the music details, speakers are appear relatively drab and the sound quality will sell a discount greatly.
There are some ways to tell the difference about speaker’s quality.
1. Clarity: the wonderful quality of sounds is very clear, and every word could be heard clearly.
2. Fullness: medium and low notes are adequate, high notes moderate warm comfortable and elastic. If the reverberation time is relatively short ,especially the low frequency band is shorter than medium frequency band ,which will make the fullness bad .the output frequency of speakers is poor and lack of low and medium bass ,such sound could be dry and weak .
3. Intimacy: intimacy is so called telepathy, which sound can tell feelings and communicate with others .but some bad speakers couldn’t get this lever and makes you feel very distant.
4. Balance :balance is the right and left speaker. The output power of main speaker and the auxiliary speaker can cooperate very well .the left and right channels of stereo sound have good consistency ,sound image is normal .but sometimes the image sound is distorted and uncoordinated ,which is not a good speaker.
5. Environment: the space sense of sound is good, which can make person feel real, the sound quality can be said good.
6. Loudness: At loudness, a good speaker should be hearted comfortable and appropriate.
When open speakers to appreciate the music. The sound is strong enough, especially the high frequency is bright and moving, the low frequency is satisfied. But when you listen it for a long time, you will feel tired and want to turn it off to leave. The speaker which makes people feel tired couldn’t stop people .because it is noisy and upset .this kind of speaker has a big distortion, makes people tired, it must not be a good speaker.
When listening to good quality speakers, it feels as if tasting the 30 years buried maiden rose with long aftertaste. The sweet, warm music will helps you forget the time space and even forget your existence, in the ocean of music, no matter how long, you will never feel bored.
Good speakers has low distortion ,thus no matter how big or small volume is ,you will always feel soft and quiet .even the volume is in full power ,the speaker shake very much ,the low frequency roll like midsummer thunder, you will never want to get away from the music but just feel the authentic life.
Generally speaking, thin sound, slant tone, high speed, all these factors are bad for speakers. What we can know is that the speaker’s body is thin and sound-absorbing is bad, frequency divider is simplified, trump is in low class. However a good speaker is brilliant to hear, it could stop the customer ,and the more you hear ,the happier you will be .

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