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The Prosperous cooperation between China and Indian

Publish:2019/10/12 Company News View:159

President Xi Jinping arrived in Chennai on Friday for the second informal summit with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which analysts said is expected to enhance political trust between the world’s two most populous countries.



The president received a warm welcome on his arrival, with local people holding up photos of the two leaders and waving the countries’ national flags along the road.


The two leaders sat on the lawn at the temple and exchanged views on development and cooperation. Modi hosted a private dinner for Xi at the temple complex after their talks.

Vikram Misri, Indian ambassador to China, said the two leaders are using a highly unusual format in holding such an informal summit, the second after a similar summit in Wuhan, Hubei province, last year.


“I don’t think either India or China has this kind of mechanism with any other leader in the world for the leaders to meet informally and to speak and discuss without a set agenda,” he said.


Despite the summit’s relaxed nature, the ambassador said it is expected to provide direction to officials on both sides so they can “address better the issues that we have been dealing with over a long period of time”.


In their first informal meeting last year, the two leaders reached the consensus that the differences between the two countries should not be allowed to turn into disputes.


The New Development Bank and the China-initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank are important contributions to development and investment finance, he said.


The second informal summit is expected to continue to guide the development of China-India relations from a strategic and global perspective, said Zorawar Daulet Singh, a fellow at the Delhi-based Centre for Policy Research.


It shows that both leaders hope for bilateral ties to develop steadily, and the second informal meeting is seen as carrying that forward, Singh told Xinhua News Agency


From the good summit we can tell the good future coopration between china and Indian . there are a very big margin for all chinese to enter ,no matter the basic instruction or mutual trade.we all looking forward to had happy for that ……




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