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The popularity of microphone speaker  ?

Publish:2019/10/12 Company News View:162

Bluetooth speaker + Microphone


With the development of technology. Home electronics play more and more  important role in our daily life ,like smart speaker ,smart light ,smart door ,smart window. but today I am not got going to talk about the smart things


Today I want to talk the Bluetooth speaker + microphone function. When it comes to that, I believe you must have remembered the Chinese DaMa and the square dance.

with the thrive of Chinese economy ,all older people seems get their second puberty, a second youth time . Different from the old boring days for old people ,taking care of grandson ,worrying about children’s marriage .they also start their leisure time


Then you can see many Dama started to dance in the square, like a good view of the city. From the New York to Chinese central park. happy and light music with a big speaker play a important role to amuse their retire life .

how to choose a good microphone speaker  ?

At present, the microphones sold in the market are mainly divided into two categories: one is a dynamic microphone. Its main feature is good sound quality, no power supply, but the price is relatively high. Another type of microphone is an electret microphone. It is characterized by durability and high sensitivity. It requires 1.5~3V power supply, and the sound quality is worse than that of the dynamic microphone of the same price. But its price is relatively low, suitable for broadcasting microphones.


As a home microphone, it is best to choose a moving coil type, because its sound quality is better than other types, it can truly reproduce the human voice, and it is not easy to whistle with the audio equipment in a loud volume environment, damaging the high pitch in the speaker. speaker. Authentic goods are usually beautifully packaged, and the design is also very beautiful. The microphone should have a heavy feeling in the hand and feel comfortable. The screen cover should be free of burrs and can not be damaged. There should be a trademark brand on the microphone line that is consistent with the microphone.


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