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The new functions of bluetooth speakers

Publish:2018/06/21 Company News View:427

It is unexpected that Bluetooth speaker could be that popular.
Especially the transfer process from portable speaker to the Bluetooth speaker, the whole industry hadn’t realized when Bluetooth speaker started to dominate the large market. Of course the Bluetooth speaker is not a new thing, it has been birthed for a long time. As time went by, the Bluetooth speaker never stop changing so as to get its today’s status. At present, Bluetooth speaker is developing towards Bluetooth 4.0 technology, more efficient, more power saving. Thus what‘s the future of Bluetooth speaker?

What we can make sure is that the future Bluetooth speaker has better function .which we can not only tell from the outside appearance but also from the sound quality ,matching function and some additional function .a good Bluetooth speaker can not only help user do more things but also can not limited to some single music-display function . What’s more, there are more undeveloped functions are waiting for the Bluetooth industry practitioners to work again. Next I will tell the four parts to explain the future development about Bluetooth speaker

More beautiful sound quality, more convenient matching
What we can see from now, it is unavoidable to connect and match the phone at the first using. Though the latest Bluetooth chip has saving a lot of processers, opening the equipment, searching and pairing are still the necessary things. After the appearance of DOSS Bluetooth speaker, about the pairing work, you just need a close contact. in the near future ,the NFC function is a standard configuration .with more and more phones with NFC function, this kind of tech must developed very well . To be sure, as the Bluetooth version continues to upgrade, high speed transmission, large data volumes and low power consumption will become a major trend. Due to the increase of data transmission, the acoustic performance of wireless audio will not be the problem for us.

In addition, the Bluetooth speaker is generally small in size, which limits the improvement of sound quality to some extent. However in the portability, small size speaker could also have very good sound quality, no matter the improvement of internal structure in box, or the addition of passive radiators, they can all improve the appearance of sound quality.
Easy operation, more powerful function

Bluetooth speaker ,as the addition of digital product ,is just for music listening before without other function .the truth is that speaker always aimed at other intelligence product .in the past ,we always think speaker is just for music listening and don’t need others function ,which is obviously not fit for the request of modern people’s need .however we can tell that more and more Bluetooth speaker started to develop additional function .so what are these functions ? Based on the present situation .the LED Light, portable power and mobile phone are necessary things for young people .generally speaking, Bluetooth speaker will become more and more convenient for users. The NFC pairing function of Bluetooth speaker is easier to control

In the controlling of traditional Bluetooth speaker, the traditional users couldn’t feel anything wrong, but I want to say that the future Bluetooth speaker will be easier and convenient for people .contract A2DP.based on the control document of Bluetooth speaker, it allows the control of the sound source over the device. Including play, pause, last song, next song, fast forward, fast back and other functions, which saved a lot of time for users’ switching operation between speakers and song resources. After a long time development , Bluetooth speaker will must be more better and mature .


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