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The marketing stratege of Double Eleven

Publish:2018/11/17 Company News View:212

Marketing stratege of Tmall double eleven

  1. New platform trend, attaching importance to the use of live broadcast platform
  2. New shopping trend, keep up with the social and e-commerce mode
  3. Create an all-media marketing system by integrating new trends


Selected host station

➤ strengthen brand penetration

Since there is going to be a double eleven party, it should be special from beginning to end.First of all, the party itself is a big IP, which subverts people’s traditional understanding of the party. It is a shopping party that can be watched, played and bought.

Secondly, they are also creative in the program. For example, the guest list is called the goods in shopping cart, and the staff in the interactive game wear Tmall face masks to enhance the brand image of Tmall.

screen more interactive

To participate in

The development of mobile phone in recent years has made scene shopping more and more common. For example, you can use your phone to scan the code to buy the products you see in the program directly. Meanwhile, you can get red envelopes and gifts by using your phone shake.

➤ desktop window pops

It’s unlikely you’d know anything about the upcoming Nov. 11 event, as ali launched a blistering tabletop pop-up attack on the table with a naked screen.If you turn it off or click in, it keeps shaking.

browser navigation

Whether you use jinshan navigation, hao123 navigation, QQ navigation, sohu navigation, sina navigation is impossible not to see this omnipresent double 11 discount advertisement.

dynamic effects of advertising

Entering “taobao” or “Tmall” to search in the browser will automatically pop up the double eleven discount information, more frightening is that they are all dynamic effects, that visual impact is also big.



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