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The market outlook of Bluetooth speaker

Publish:2018/05/26 Company News View:218

With the rapid development of technology, the present Bluetooth speaker has finished the impression of bad voice, more and more portable Bluetooth speakers appeared in market with excellent acoustic fidelity and varieties function.

The Bluetooth speaker make great convenience for mobile phones .it can play unlimited music at any time, no matter you are in a dinning time or you are having outdoor sports .compared with the traditional wired speaker, Bluetooth speaker don’t need the cable, don’t need to plug, have no trouble to the front-end, which used to be more flexible and can fit for many life scenes.

However, due to the limitation of transmission meter and the size, the sound of Bluetooth speaker is very different. a good speaker could have very good voice with small size through the high quality loudspeaker ,reasonable component design and high lever tuning .

The origin of Bluetooth speaker: the Bluetooth technology comes from a communications company in 1994.the famous ERICSSON, as an alternative date line at that time. According to the literal meaning, Bluetooth is only the blue tooth, your guess is right.

The original English name is “Bluetooth ”,and there is no second translation .this world Bluetooth comes from a northern Europe leader ,he prefer to eat some fruits ,then the teeth becomes blue .it’s said that the fruit is blueberries. But there is no way to research.

Thus when named this kind of wireless technology, someone put forward this world Bluetooth .what is Bluetooth speaker? Bluetooth is a kind of wireless translation technology, which could be able to get short date exchange such as our smart phones. Its advantage is wireless transmission technology. Another advantage is short distance .because of the small transmitted power, it also electricity-saving.

Bluetooth speaker is based on this kind of technology ,through such wireless transmission technology ,,translate the digital audio of smart phone, tablet and PC to the speakers . you will get unlimited wireless music play .what does bluetooth speakers have ? a qualified bluetooth speakers have bluetooth receiver module ,the digital music instruction of receiver control ,then the decoding will be created into digital instruction ,the next amplification amplifacate the the end of time the horn make sound.


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