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The Life of the Smart Bracelets

Publish:2018/07/05 Company News View:287

The Beginning of the Bracelet

The smart bracelet is mainly to record the movement of the human body, health monitoring, and cultivate good and scientific exercise habits at first. As the bracelets were upgraded, it can monitor the sleeping and exercise condition or feedback constantly.
According to the survey, Seiko Japan introduced a programmable bracelet in 1982, which liked the first smart bracelets. While most of customers in that time thought that it should be excluded from the smart bracelets, because it was differ from the smart bracelets nowadays. But no one can deny it was very important for the development of smart bracelets. Until the first Jawbone UP was launched in 2011. Its basic functions and directions were initially set.
But it just had a few functions, it just record the sports miles. And its biggest highlight is sleep monitoring. It was remove off shelves because some products had problems. Some famous smart bracelets brand can record the steps, calories and sleep monitoring in 2013.Besides they also can share the records into the moments.

The Developing of the Smart Bracelets

Many technology companies rushed to release new smart bracelets in 2014 in all world. It is a highly creative period, and now is the time for idea.
Although the smart bracelet is not a sophisticated monitoring instrument, the core components are mainly divided into: motion sensor, battery, memory chip, Bluetooth communication module, vibration motor, display screen, body motion recorder. So some manufacturer also started to design new style and playfulness.
Then the intelligent reminders, sleep monitoring, step counting and other functions with stylish design were appealed by the young people.
Besides some sunscreen bracelet was favorite by female. It was built-in UV sensor and would notify the wearer when he was exposed to ultraviolet light for too long by the APP. It also can give different sunscreen suggestions for different skin colors.


The future of the smart bracelets

The current smart bracelet can meet the needs of current users in 2018.The market should focus on the elderly health management, female beauty management or life services and others.


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