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The emerging industries in Shenzhen

Publish:2018/08/16 Company News View:220

We can tell that the new high-tech industries, financial services, modern logistics industry, and the culture industrial are the four pillar industries in china. In recent years. The new emerging industries like real estate industries, general industrial, strategic industrial, electronic commerce industrial, exhibition economy, they are gradually maintaining the stable growth of economic in Shenzhen.
Cross boarder electronic commerce growth suddenly, and becoming the new types of business in Shenzhen foreign trade market. Since Shenzhen has become the test city of cross boarder electronic commerce. The government gives a lot of support rules for foreign electronic trade. And Shenzhen also gives the first standard of cross boarder electronic commerce. With the open of two-way import /export channel ,the new silk road of cross boarder electronic commerce which connected the two big market at home and abroad is truly opened in front sea, the orders of cross boarder electronic commerce growth quickly .

Innovation—the kernel of the developing in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a city which is born by innovation, especially the self-innovation, it is the major guide strategy of Shenzhen’s developing .innovation makes Shenzhen a first city in china’s new economy developing. And also make people think Shenzhen is business-start city or an innovation city. Many world-renowned technology enterprisers are born in Shenzhen, like Huawei, zhongxing, tengcent.
In terms of patent application, PCT international applications and patent ownership is the first number in china. Over the past 30 years, Shenzhen has been at the forefront of reform and opening-up through continuous innovation


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