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The difference between the wifi speaker and the Bluetooth speaker

Publish:2018/09/12 Company News View:183

1 working principle
The operation principle is working by the connection of inside Bluetooth ship and the Bluetooth players like the phone, laptop and tablets, and then plays the music in the network resources or the collects on the devices. but the Wi-Fi speaker ,use wireless routers to connect the speakers to the external network, then plays the music which is on the cooperation of the music players .these are the mainly differences between the Bluetooth speaker and the Wi-Fi speaker

2.The quality of music transmission
When it comes to the difference of the two speakers, people will always think of the quality of music transmission. Technically speaking ,bluetooth and wifi are both small range of personal network communication. But when it comes to the transmission quality , the Bluetooth has a transmission bandwidth of 1-3mbps,but the wifi is 54-150Mbps ,which can not only meet the needs of the losslessness of music but also meet the Hd video transmission requirements and has the better anti-interference performance ,which will bring us more better sound quality. Otherwise wifi speaker could play the music through the wall, thus the wifi speaker was regarded as the best home speaker.

2. The connection
In terms of connection mode ,the bluetooth speaker ues the “point to point” transmission mode. The advantage is that the wifi speaker could guarantee good privacy and security ,while the wifi is easy to be interfered by many users . wifi speaker also has another advantage, that is different from bluetooth speaker’s music playing way ,which is “peer to peer”,wifi speaker can achieve “one to many” the user can control the different wifi through APP to play different music .thus it is more suitable to be used in the household environment, which can meet the demand of users requirement.


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