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The charactor of sports earphone

Publish:2019/07/27 Company News View:191

Sports headphones have their own special positioning, in addition to the sound quality can not be too bad, what more important is the shape design. Basically, the sports headphones need to have the following points: 1. Safety, 2. Comfort, 3. Basic waterproof ability, 4. Firmness.

  1. Safety

Thought most people like to use the earphone to listen to the music, we had to admit that long time using of earphone will cause the damage to our hearing ,which has been reported for many times .and when running outdoors ,in addition to a certain degree of isolation from outside noise .its also necessary to avoid too good sound isolation .so as not to cause accidents .therefore the sports earphone will not be made into the full in-ear type, but the half in-ear type which combined with the flat earplugs

  1. Comfort

Staying comfortable is also ctitical ,after all , too heavy headphones can easily become cumbersome ,so sport earphone are generally as lightweight as possible and also ergonomically worn.

  1. Basic waterproof

In the summer ,even exercising at night ,people also easily sweat .and sweat will flow into ear .which will affect the life of earphone .so the sports earphone need to have the basic function of anti-sweat and waterproof

  1. Firmness

If the wear is not strong enough , the earphone are easy to fall off ,which will make exercise an unpleasant process .so most of the sports headphone are designed with hanging ear to insure that the headphones will not fall off during intense sports


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