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The character of Shenzhen

Publish:2018/08/17 Company News View:278

At first, you will not feel like a stranger in Shenzhen, just like the local people, get used to all things in Shenzhen gradually.
The second, the development of Shenzhen is affected by the government. But not too much like other cities. every leader of Shenzhen is outgoing and open for the development ,they are not intervene the future changing of Shenzhen .that’s why Shenzhen becomes a big city with small government. This is undoubtedly trend of future urban development. And Shenzhen make this development mode come true decades years ago.

Shenzhen’s economy is dominated by tertiary industry, rare depends on the real agent. Was it strange? We always said the housing price of Beijing Shenzhen, Guangzhou and shanghai are too much expensive to make people afford. But why Shenzhen never depends on real estate economy. Because Shenzhen has very big financial economy, information industry, logistics and trade market, which is well developed and strong competitive. Shenzhen has well-known enterprise like Huawei, which is not state-owned enterprise but a private enterprise. Its strong private enterprise make Shenzhen has strong ability to resist risk and break out the circle of policy to have a free development. When the policy is good for economy development ,it accelerate the economy ; when the policy is bad for economy , Shenzhen will find its own way to survive in economy while other city are waiting for the help. That’s the difference
Shenzhen is a city that you will never regret to come .living a life like a local people .just come here to be a people working with dignity and pride.


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