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The bluetooth speaker in shenzhen

Publish:2018/08/02 Company News View:232

As nights falls , there are a lot of small and medium-sized sound box factories located in the countryside of brightly Shenzhen, like fuyong shajing longgang,thousands of workers gathering in these factories ,who are the bottom of the industrial chain and earn the least amount of hard money . in the near big change time ,they may become the victims if industrial upgrading, abandoned by times .It has only one reason ,with the high development of global smart Bluetooth speaker ,updated industrials ,product iteration is a necessary trend. Shenzhen ,as a foreign trade guide ,these small and medium-sized manufactures are unable to patticipate in the industrial chain of smart speakers due to the lack of production technology,they hided themselves in the underworld of smart speakers market ,the industry has no much time left. This is the intuitive feeling after the visiting of dozens people and the local field survey for one week time.

       The so-called “underworld” has two meanings, one is the brand product what we have known, behind of them are the long supply chains of chips, modules, components, programmers, technology providers, contract factories and so on ,hidden behind the brand of smart speakers with no name.
    Another meaning is these unknown manufactures in smart Bluetooth speaker market ,and compared with these famous internet giant ,some star enterprise ,they are the bottom the industrial chains with no technology ,just based on their cheap lobar ,earn some hard money with meager profits, if these internet giants and star companies are at the top of the pyramid ,then they are the majority at the bottom.Smart speaker industrial is a very big market ,every player has it’s own methods ,every also need to find it’s own way to living methods ,or else you will be dismissed by this market .

       And this underground is in the pearl river delta ,the core places is Shenzhen .there are hundreds and thousands of manufactures in the middle and lower industrial chain of smart speakers .more over, there are Program makers ,products and OEM manufactures ,almost every intelligent speaker you known pass from there ,and even many speakers you have never seen come from here too.
      Shenzhen ,It is also a global producer of speakers, producing more than 80 percent of the world’s speakers and exporting them overseas. Around foreign trade, there are also large and complex industrial chain clusters. Here is a place of hot land, is a mysterious place, it hides under the “light”, flows between underworld.


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