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The analysis of future smart speaker market

Publish:2018/08/14 Company News View:192

With the big success of one Amazon’s smart speaker in USA market , domestic and foreign enterprises are rushing to enter the smart speaker market and occupy the market of smart home。Google,Microsoft, Apple and even the domestic giant brand ,like JingDong ,XiaoM,Lenovo, Haier, HImalays,Cooldog ,Tmall,they all release the new product. But because of the Unperfected of Chinese mini-speaker market compared with USA,the user experience is not good ,Chinese smart market has not got the explosive increase.

In the first half of 2017,Chinese online market for Wi-Fi speaker is 130 million ,the market size of smart voice is 50 million, although the year-on year growth is accelerating ,the market is still in its fancy.
However, with many participate and promote of technology giant. product explosive and the increasing of user ‘s education .we truly believe that the smart speaker will must have its own glory in china .
China’s online market for bar speakers has reached 160 million yuan, 82% year on year growth, annual retail sales are expected to exceed 300 million yuan.
With the increasing of Chinese families’ sound quality pursuit, the TV with self-audio impute has not meet the needs of consumers, because the large space of family sound system and the complicated circuit. The bar echo wall sound gradually stepped into people’s family life, bar echo wall sound gradually approached people’s family life, as the rapid development sub-products in Chinese market.
At the meanwhile ,with the help of 50inches large size’s TV , in Along with 50 inches and above large size TV, consumer ‘s demand for the bar speaker will increase too


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