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The Advice for Shoper

Publish:2018/11/30 Company News View:162

The advice for the seller when in the shopping day

I will give your some advice about the shop days. As the seller, what should we do?
The advice is more use for the online shop.

It can save the freight fee for customer when posting.
It can discount when in the shopping day. Some products can discount. It will make the buyer more interested in the products. They will think they are benefit from the shopping day.

Make some gift
You can give some gift when promotion in advance. It can give gifts in the shopping day. It can give the luck customer iPhone, or other small gift.

Less the price
It can less the price when the customer buy the 499RMB, 899 RMB or 1299RMB.It can less 100 when the price meet 499,899 less 200,1299 less 400.It make benefits for the customer.
Trial use
The new products can trail use, it can make the customer have more excellent experience. That’s like our Bluetooth Speaker can provide the sample for youth customer can test the product quality and feature.
It can give the some coupon to the customers like discount, or less the price and give the gifts.
VIP activities
The store can give some discount or some activities to the VIP customer. The VIP also include the old and new VIP customer.


Besides these advices, it also have other actitves.We need expand the business and give the customer benefits. That’s final make your business more prosperous.


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