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The advantage of wireless charger

Publish:2018/12/01 Company News View:171

The current situation of wireless charging is that wireless charger is assisted for wired charger .No manufacturer has ever said that wireless charging is the main mode of charging. When your have wireless charging in your bed, desk, coffee table, desk and car, you just need to put your mobile phone on the charging station .on the most situations when you arrive at these scenes , You don’t need to find a wire to plug and charge , and you can also take it away when you leave.

Taking advantage of these spare moments, the average white-collar worker has about 2 hours of accumulated debris every day to maintain the battery and provide temporary supplement for the mobile phone.Because a lot of people won’t look for charger in a certain scene, such as the tea table ,desk. .The average person doesn’t want to charge for a lot of short periods of time, when the phone is just sitting there and consuming the power. one is consuming electricity, and the other can only supply you with 2% of the electricity in about 10 minutes, which one do you choose? After entering the office, put it on the charging station for charging, go to the printer room, the conference room, hand in the documents, sign the papers and go to lunch break. At this point you can pick up the phone to leave without unplug the line. This will provide you with at least 20 to 30 percent of your free time each day. In the past, you’d either plug in your charger whenever you had time, or unplug your phone if you had to carry it everywhere. At least the wireless charger eliminates the need to plug in the charger, and you’ll get more battery life than people who don’t bother to plug in the charger.


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