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The accuracy of smart bracelet measurement.

Publish:2018/08/31 Company News View:307

The accuracy of the measurement data about the the smart bracelet has been questioned by the medical industry and the users.
The result of lowa state university’s test on the accuracy of the eight popular smart bracelets on the US market show that the error of the bracelet in calculating the number of steps is more than 10%. and the detection of the smart bracelet on sleep time is also inaccurate.Many bracelet are based on the user’s movement and heart rate during sleep to determine which stage .
Many of the bracelets are based on the user’s movements during sleep and heart rate to determine which stage of sleep the user is in. but there are a lot of factors that influence the quality of people’s sleeping.

By analyzing the prospect of smart bracelet market, the smart bracelet will develop in three directions:
The smart bracelet with only basic functions such as health and ID recognition will focus on cost performance and the mass market. This kind of smart bracelet is highly homogenous in function, but low price is its biggest advantage. The representative products include xiaomi bracelet, Bong bracelet and so on.
The bracelet which still focuses on health functions and conducts, mining depth to improve the reliability and accuracy of sports data monitoring. The professional smart bracelet will become the mainstream product in the sports health market. On behalf of the product are Jawbone UP3, Bone bracelet. Smart bracelet with lots of sensors, display screens and comprehensive functions will tend to be the smart watches. Such products will be a crossover and hybrid of the smart bracelet and smart watch.

Market segmentation has become a kind of situation, the flagship of elderly health management, management of female beauty, life services, and other various life services, clear positioning and a technical breakthrough, many manufacturers tries very hard to have some market in the smart bracelet. Under the fierce competition, let a us look forward to more intelligent bracelet.


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