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Memory / TF Card

Publish:2018/03/14 Memory/TF Card View:1468

Item No.: WYN-TFM
Capacity: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB for option
Speed: 80M/s
Speed Class: Class 10
Working Voltage: 2.7-3.6V
Storage Temperature: -25° to +85°
Size: 11*15*1mm
Weight: 0.4g
Compatible Devices: Mobile Phone, Laptop, and other digital devices, etc
Detail Datasheet

Introduction for Memory / TF Card:

TF Card, full name is TransFlash, also said as Micro SD, was invented by Motorola and Sandisk, being published in 2004, it is a super mini card (11*15*1mm), it is about a quarter of SD Card, which is the least memory card so far.

TF is micro card, SD is big card, both of them are a kind of flash memory card. The size of TF card is the least, it can be transfered by SD to be used as SD card. TF card was researched mainly for storing pictures, videos and music, etc, it also can be used to storage personal data, such as digital pictures, MP3, Games and mobile application, etc. Copyright protection system is also built-in, to protect the download of music, camera and games. It would have encryption function for future TF card, to protect personal data, financial record and health medical treatment files. Small TF card can make mobile manufacturers don’t consider more size limitation of mobile phone, its memory capacity can be provided according to different customers’ request, which is irreplaceable by SD card.
The original TF 2G Card is widely used for mobile phone, MP3, MP4, GPS, Digital Camera, and Wireless Bluetooth speaker, etc.

Advantages for TF /Memory Card:

1. Its outside shell is to adopt advanced craft to process, small and exquisite appearance cater to the super slight and portable design belief of current mobile devices.
2. Fast speed, coordinating with USB1.1/2.0 standard, fast data transfer.
3. It is very convenient, easy to use, no need connect with power.
4. It is security and reliability to adopt Flash electric memory medium, can be flash upgradable can be above 1 million times, the validity of data protection can be up to 10 years, antimagnetic, anti-shock, moistureproof, durable high and low temperature, durable hit.
5. High storage capacity, low price.

Display and Present Our TF/ Memory Card:

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