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Status of small and medium sized bluetooth speaker factories?

Publish:2018/09/04 Company News View:202

The domestic intelligent speaker market is still in the early stage of the industry .there are only dozens of players who sell the intelligent speakers in china, and the entry threshold of the industry is relatively high. Many domestic giants treat smart speakers market as a training ground for polishing technology, a price war has been launched and the entry threshold of the smart speaker has been greatly raised. Many enterprises are afraid of it, and the survival of domestic smart speakers is not optimistic.

The whole domestic intelligent sound box industrial chain presents a “pyramid “structure. With only 100 of core players and profits harvested giants there, the vast supporting industries and the small and the medium sound box factories excluded at the bottom of the industrial chain, more than sounds hiding at the bottom of industrial chain and earn very little money.

With the opening up of amazon google voice assistant, more and more enterprises are taking advantage of them to go on the road of export. there are nearly 100 enterprises in the wave ,and a growing number of enterprises and thousands of products are about to be exported overseas .this is a huge opportunity ,but these products are mostly on the low-end .with the improvement of product experiences of foreign users ,whether they can truly occupy the international market is still unknown.

At present ,thousands of traditional small and medium sound box factories are unable to participate in the division of intelligent sound box products .with the upgrade do sound box ,the industry will face the shuffle ,and in the near future, many small and medium sound box factories is facing a serious change.

Although the smart speaker industry chain in Shenzhen is faced variety problems. We were always toughed by this hot land more than once during the visit of Shenzhen. Under this blue sky , white clouds ,seal beach ,groups of people from all over the world , they abandoned the past to explore ,to establish a career .they keep trying and exploring ,maybe out of speculation ,maybe out of frustration, but they constantly try, .built a huge “underground market ”and become the tide of the times


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