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What is Smart Watch

Publish:2018/09/06 Company News View:303

Due to the developementing, many tradition electronic have changed by the technology. Like the watch only can see time in the past. But the smart watch can connect the smart phone or home network with net. It can display the messages or the phone call, Twitter or other social ways messages. Even the temperature and weather information.

Smart watch is a base watch and also can solve or together the information. Besides the smart watch not only can display time, but also can remind or guide, adjust, monitor and so on. It at least has one or more functions. The displays are pointer, number, and images and so on.


Besides the smart watch like a smart phone, it can receive a phone call or ring a call. And there are some sport smart watch, which means you can use the smart bracelets and smart watch function.


The smart watch advantage are portable, easy to carry, embodied and tangible interaction. Its disadvantage the battery life is short and price a little high. It can support the Android, IOS, and Windows.


You can use the smart watch when you are riding or your have many thing in your hands.


It’s more convently in your daily lifes.


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