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Smart Bracelets

Publish:2018/08/17 Company News View:368

Why the smart bracelets-M5 is so popular in the marketing. Because it have some special function. At first, its stand-by time more than 20days, it use the import chipest-Nordic.So its power consummation lower than others, and its storage larger more than other products.

Secondly, the smart bracelets waterproof are better than others. Its level are IP64, which means you are not only used in our lives, but also you can use in swimming pool. That can save much troubles.


And it can record your sporting. This the most important function. It can counts your calories and steps, or just your base situation when you are exerciseing.It can give your example for your exercise. That’s why it called sports smart bracelets.


And besides all of these, it can measure your heart rate or blood oxygen, blood pressure and so on. You can know your interface situation and the inside situation. Excepcially, it can invade some dager situation if your heart has some problem. Some young man, their body don ‘very good in several years. They also have the heart diseases, or the high blood pressure, even more badly over 40years. It can save much money because you don’t need go to the hospital. More importantly, you would not over exercise because the dates are synchronously.


And the smart watch have many fuctions, I will show you in the next prographon.You have the whole world when you have the smart bracelets.



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