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Smart Bracelets Fuctions

Publish:2018/08/30 Company News View:241

And the samrt bracelets can waterproof. Its level is IP64, which means you can bring it when you washing your hands or bathing. Besides it can use it when you are swim in the swimming pool or diving in the Ocean. Then it can measure your sporting condition when you are swimming or diving. Most importantly, you can know your base condition when you are exercise. It can provide some useful advice for you.


The smart bracelets use the Bluetooth connect smart bracelets with App. The Bluetooth version is 4.0, which means consume is very low.It can’t waster the battery when it open in 24 hours. That’s why the smart bracelets are so popular.

The most important things are recording the steps and calorie. So how to record by the steps? The smart bracelets use the three axis accelerometer. It’s said that it used in military, so the accuracy is very high. Why it need use the accelerometer to record the steps? Because it is an acceleration and deceleration process when you are walking. The accelerometer will measure it when your hands shaking.


Besides the smart bracelets can monitor your sleeping condition. There have two kinds of sleeping condition-deep or light sleep. The more long time deep sleep, the more comfortable you are. So how to make sure the deep or light sleep time. Our muscle will relax and the body will reduce motion, even still when we are in deep sleep. While you are moving or return your body and you also have some motion. So the smart bracelets can measure your light or deep sleep time. But it was calculated by some motion data. So it’s not very accuracy.


Last, the smart bracelets also have other functions, I will show you in the next paragraph. Anyway, you know the details and meaningful when you buy it.


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