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Smart Bluetooth Speaker can bring huge profit for you in the near future

Publish:2018/03/27 Company News View:322

With smart phone, tablet PC being gradually saturation in market, smart Bluetooth speaker has been rapidly increasing, which has become the maximum breakthrough in whole of consumer electronics market in 2017. According to statistics, the production output of smart Bluetooth speaker has reached 32 million sets in whole of 2017, the rate of increase has reached 300%, so amazing. The sales volume has reached 18 million sets just in the fourth season of 2017.

Some institution estimates, the compound growth rate of smart Bluetooth speaker will exceed over 30% up to 2020, the sales volume of smart Bluetooth speaker will exceed 0.1 billion sets, market-scale will reach 13 billion dollar, becoming another terminal application whose terminal quantities would be up to 0.1 billion. It is widely believed in the industry that smart Bluetooth speaker serves as the new emerging electric product, it would become the biggest incentive to push the overall growth of consumer electron in the next future years.

With the sales volume being rapidly increasing, more and more companies join to struggle in the market. After Amazon Echo smart Bluetooth speaker getting very great market reaction, a lot of famous tech companies start to join this struggle, including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Tencent, Alibaba, JD, Xiao Mi etc, they also published their own brand smart Bluetooth speaker. According to statistics, there are about 50 companies to publish smart Bluetooth speaker so far, estimating there will have more high-tech companies to join this struggle.

Besides the huge market increasing prospect of smart Bluetooth speaker, another important reason for more high-tech companies joining to struggle is because smart Bluetooth speaker has become recognized new generation smart home entrance and human-computer interaction method. For example, As the pioneer of smart Bluetooth speaker, Amazon is relying on the hardware load of Echo smart Bluetooth speaker, overall to push the system application of Voice Assistant Alexa, widely participate and push voice interaction industry. Google also exploit smart Bluetooth speaker to enter home voice market, to control the core gateway of smart home, with itself search market business and android system to constitute completely internet flow entrance ecological chain. It is widely believed, with its increasing in market, smart Bluetooth speaker would become the biggest hot topic of smart hardware market integrating AI application in 2018.

Some capital market person said no matter how the downstream smart Bluetooth speaker brands struggle in market, no matter who can win at the end, the upstream superior smart Bluetooth speaker manufacturers and components suppliers are the biggest benefited party at the present stage, this effect is like that the emerging of smart phone not only cultivated Apple, Huawei, Sumsung, XiaoMi, OPPO and other famous high-tech brand companies, but also extremely drove the development of Foxconn, EPI precision, Lens Technology and other upstream manufacturers or components suppliers. Therefore, he estimated, this emerging of smart Bluetooth speaker would drive a batch of upstream manufacturers and component suppliers to enter the new “inflection point”.

According to analyze, Presently, the most popular market for smart Bluetooth speaker is still in Europe and North America, nevertheless, with Alibaba, JD, Baidu, XiaoMi entering the market, China would become the biggest improving “engine” in global smart speaker market relying on the huge population base.

WYN-WORLD, 27th, March, 2018



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