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Smart Bluetooth Speaker is Rapidly Increasing in Market

Publish:2018/03/28 Company News View:429

Radical discount strategy, more widely optional models and price ranging, facilitating more than millions of buyers in many Countries, the market of smart Bluetooth speaker had got a high increasing in the fourth season in 2017. The sales volume of smart Bluetooth speaker has reached 32 million sets in whole of 2017, which has increased over 300%, Google and Amazon have 9 items among each 10 items of sales volume. Google’s market share has increased to 35% in the fourth Season, 2017, while Amazon’s market share has decreased to 50%. Strategy Analytics has published the newest study report for smart Bluetooth speaker, providing the detail season data for 19pcs smart Bluetooth speaker manufacturers and 11pcs audio operation system.
(Smart Bluetooth speaker manufacturer, unit of shipments is million sets)

David Watkins, director of smart Bluetooth speaker service in Strategy Analytics, remarked “Amazon and Google are striving to expand the user population of their respective audio assistant, and this extremely concentration makes other manufacturers hardly to develop this market. Sonos, Harman Kardon and Sony hope consumers would like to buy their brands smart speaker relying on the features of design and sound quality, Apple hope to exploit the rapid increasing user population of Apple music to promote the HomePod. Orange and Telefonica would publish their own smart Bluetooth speaker in this year, because they hope to look for more sense of presence in consumers’ home. Smart Bluetooth speaker can be the hinge or focus for consumers to control all of their electronics products, while operator can communicate with their clients by this new style, to promote new service.

David Mercer, digital consumer practical vice-president in Strategy Analytics, said “the fast utilization of smart Bluetooth speaker is facilitating the ways where the consumer get information to greatly change. It is not so fast to disappear for traditional application program and webpage which are basing on monitor, but high-tech companies have realized if they want to keep relativity with later application program epoch, then voice interface is the key component for them to provide any service or device. Media companies and Content aggregators are facing special challenge, because their brand awareness might decrease or even disappear in the world of voice leading. Facebook has declared that they would publish smart Bluetooth speaker basing on monitor, and other famous Content provider companies, such as Spotify, also consider to create their own hardware, to guarantee their own service visibility and drive users increasing.

From above, with the entering market of smart Bluetooth speaker, the electron digital products have been stimulated, the global market for Bluetooth speaker has been changing.

WYN-WORLD, 28TH, March, 2018



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