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Singles Day -Unstoppable China

Publish:2018/11/17 Company News View:125

According to Forbes on November 13, alibaba’s sales on November 11 is reached 213.5 billion yuan, which dwarfs the traditional shopping festival in the west. Like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the combined sales amount is less than half that of “double eleven.” The double eleven shopping carnival is a symbol of China’s unstoppable development.

Alibaba group’s “double eleven” transaction volume has refreshed the highest record on Monday, the Wall Street journal’s website reported on Wednesday. Despite the current slowdown in China’s economy and growing trade friction between China and the United States, this has not affected the purchasing power of Chinese consumers.

Tens of millions of Chinese people are using their virtual wallets to transfer money on singles day, the website of Spanish newspaper reported on Thursday. Alibaba is rebreaking its own sales record, and for China, that indicator is a sign of huge spending power.

In China, the shopping carnival has just concluded, while in the United States, consumers are preparing for black Friday and handcuffing Monday, the Washington post reported on Thursday.All these promotions will boost economic growth while giving people the goods they want, as well as increase the international trade activities.



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