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Single Day

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Single day or shopping day is 11th November every year.Taobao is one of biggest online shopping. It create about 213.5billion RMB one day (24hours).Besides just 21seconds the turn over more than 1billion, it more fast seven seconds than last year. And 2 minutes and 5seconds more than 10billion, it is faster than one minutes than last year. The turn over is multiply than last years 168.2 billion.

Some brands the turnover more than 1billion,like Nike,GXG,iPhone and Xiaomi in the first mintues.The iPhone and Xiaomi ,Adidas,Uniqlo,Huawei and Midea,Haier turnover are more than 10billion in one day.



It reports that the cloth, makeup products, jewels, cellphone, house electric appliances, home furnishings,Baby products and health care products ,clean products and food.

In the consumer electrics field.It also include the Gree and Huawei, Dyson, Philips, Beats. The Bluetooth Speaker and smart bracelets also sell vey well in the shopping day.


It’s a promation day, many products are sell very well in this day.It’s more crazy the Black Friday in American.It’s a important day for the online and off shop.




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