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The Global Sources Electronics Show was unveiled in Hong Kong in April 2018

Publish:2018/04/13 Company News View:424

The world’s largest electronic product procurement event The first phase of the Spring Festival Electronics Show’s-the Consumer Electronics Show opened on the 11th at the Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong. This year’s electronic fair was divided into two phases: “Consumer Electronics Show” and “Mobile Electronics Show”. There were more than 6,600 booths showing the latest electronic products to the industry. Among them, Shenzhen enterprises are still the main actors in the exhibition, and 56% of the booths were exhibitors. The current exhibition lasted until the 14th.and the second phase is from 18th April -21th April . WYN WORLD TECHNOLOGY LTD will be there with our regular bluetooth speaker wiith alarm from 18th April -21th April . .

This issue focuses on home electronics, outdoor electronics, automotive electronics, electronic games, smart lifestyle products, electronic components, commercial electronics, computer products and accessories. Reporters saw at the show, on-site special product launch area, product display gallery, experience and demonstration area, focusing on innovative products and technology

Artificial intelligence experience area debut

The “Artificial Intelligence Experience Zone” debuted at this year’s show and displayed the latest artificial intelligence technologies and products interactively. At the exhibition, many viewers were “talking” to different types of smart speakers, humidifiers and even lamps: “Alexa, please open the humidifier.” “Alexa, let’s play a game!”

“China has a lot of room for development in artificial intelligence.” Huang Tanwei, president of the exhibition’s organizer Global Sources Electronics Group, told reporters that the United States is currently leading the commercial applications of artificial intelligence, and some Shenzhen companies have chosen to manufacture artificial intelligence products. Landing, but this does not mean that the development model is solidified, “Similar to Huawei and other Shenzhen companies leading 5G technology, artificial intelligence products manufactured in Shenzhen in the future can also lead the world.”

AI technology innovation smart home industry

The “Artificial Intelligence Experience Zone” is a new highlight of this year’s Spring Fair. Its derivative, smart home appliances, advanced driver assistance systems, and voice control equipment products are also on display.

Smart home is a hot industry in recent years such as WIFI cameras which can be connected to the corresponding APP on the mobile electronic device to achieve remote monitoring, motion detection and face recognition.

Shenzhen Cool Home Technology Co., Ltd. is a one-stop solution provider in China, providing integrated hardware solutions for traditional vendors. Yi Weilian ecological chain is an ecological chain system under Cool House, and Yi Weilian APP is also the first smart home APP that supports cross-brand device linkage. Miss Ye, the company’s market operations manager told reporters that the customers of Yi Weilian are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises. They are currently implementing product intelligence upgrades, and Yi Weilian has implanted chips for their traditional home products to enable products to beb Intelligent by cloud.. “For instance, after docking with the Tmall Genie in the cloud, consumers can give voice commands to the Tmall Genies to control the smart home devices on the YIWEILIAN App.”

Zhou Jun, secretary-general of the China Smart Home Industry Alliance, expressed at the Smart Living Summit Summit held at the same time that the connection scenario of smart homes can activate a huge market as long as they are combined with consumer demand.


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