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SEG Plaza

Publish:2018/08/08 Company News View:488

SEG Plaza is a skyscraper, which was built by the Shenzhen SEG co.LTD. The building has about 72 floor, its height about 292-355.8 meters. It is the three building in Shenzhen, it is also the biggest concrete-filled steel tube structure mansions in the world.

SEG Plaza was built in the 1996.The basement and the tenth floor were built in 1997.The 66 floor and the 72 floor in 1998 and 1999.


Then the building was finished in 2000. Besides the tower equipment installation and interior-exterior decoration were completed in 2000.

The tower is a 42.3*42.3meters octagon, which makes the building and structure closely combined. It’s the first concrete-filled steel-concrete structure high building in the world.

The building won the first prize of the Excellent Engineering Design of China National Construction Corporation in 1996,and it become the famous real estate in 1999.Besides the building award the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2000.


It has differ function in differ floor, they are connected each other.It not only reduce cost, but also improve the efficiency.

Our company was located on the top of building-58 floor.We can see the flow of trafic from the building.Besides we can see the Hong Kong in the distance.


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